About Coeurs Cheris

I can still smell the sweet aroma’s escaping my nan’s kitchen, as she gracefully manoeuvred around creating all kinds of sweet and savoury treats, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. Not only did she passed down the skill of delicately constructing the lightest crumb, but she taught me to appreciate the beauty of a well brewed cup of tea, the perfect accompaniment to one of my nan’s cakes. To know her was to love her, to be loved by her and fed by her,  her love language was food. And now so is mine.

Cœurs Chèris is love, it’s comfort, it’s class and it was birthed from a passion for providing others with the euphoric feeling that only good food can bring. I began baking simple celebration cakes for friends and family, but the journey of planning and designing new cakes and coming up with new concepts meant that over the years this quickly developed into a selection of desserts that can be enjoyed at any occasion.  My signature buttercream cakes are usually adorned artistically with chocolate, one of my favourite go to cake accessories. 

The right cup of tea is the antidote to any problem, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Our selection has been carefully crafted, tried and tested to ensure it meets all your needs, from comfort, to stress, to fighting the flu we have you covered. 

Whilst both can be enjoyed independently they are also a match made in heaven. What better way to wash down your dessert? (if you aren’t in a champagne kind of mood) … well a cup of tea of course!

Whether you are ordering a treat for someone special or for yourself, because you deserve it! One thing I can promise you is that with every bite (and every sip) you will taste the love used to create it. 

'Family is not an important thing. It's everything.'

—Michael J. Fox